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Janet Clapp

In the dark days of winter when white and gray dominate the landscape, the colorful pages of an illustrated book can be particularly appealing. To soothe the eyes, check out the books below and flip through vivid pages of animals, arts, people and places.

1229_rhv_booksunderwaterdogs‘Underwater Dogs’

by Seth Casteel

Animal photographer Casteel focused on photos of dogs underwater. Even if you’re not a dog lover, there are some funny ones here to enjoy, like Duncan the 5-year-old pug. Those terrified of dogs, however, might want to skip the pictures of the sharp canine teeth, like those of black lab Charlie.


1229-rhv-booksoverthecoasts‘Over the Coasts: An Aerial View of Geology’

by Michael Collier

Taken by aerial photographer Michael Collier, these images portray the beauty found where land meets water. Sunset over the Mississippi River Delta offers a scenic orange vista, and sand on the shore of Lake Michigan creates an almost abstract design.


1229-rhv-booksamericasart‘America’s Art: Smithsonian American Art Museum’

by Theresa J. Slowik

Sculptures, paintings, and photographs from the Smithsonian American Art Museum are depicted on the pages of this coffee-table book. As Elizabeth Broun’s introduction says, “A museum devoted to a nation’s art provides a unique perspective on the issues and people of that country.”


1229_rhv_bookswildlifeoftheworld‘Wildlife of the World’

This big DK/Smithsonian publication contains amazing photographs, maps and facts about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. There are action shots, like that of wolves attacking a mother moose and her baby calves. For cuteness, there is the baby emperor penguin tucked on top of its parent’s feet. The sea creatures, like the pink Barbigant’s pygmy seahorse, are vibrant. For spider lovers, see the detailed picture of the desert blond tarantula.


1229-rhv-bookschina‘China: Its Most Scenic Places: A Photographic Journey Through 50 of Its Most Unspoiled Villages and Towns’

With its immense geographic size, China contains varied scenery and sights. The photographs in this book capture mountains, deserts, rivers and people, at all times of the year.



1229_rhv_booksfiftyyears‘TV Guide: Fifty Years of Television’

Images of TV Guide covers accompany photographs from favorite television programs over the years. From “Ozzie and Harriet” on the May 7, 1954 issue, to David Letterman on the February 15, 1997 issue, to “Survivor” on the July 8, 2000 cover, this is TV history told in pictures.



1229-rhv-booksmosaics‘Design Sourcebook Mosaics’

by Martin Cheek

Mosaics aren’t something we see every day, but here is a surprising array, including lizards, people, birds in trees, and abstract designs. These are contemporary works by artists that specialize in this art form.


1229-rhv-booksamerica247‘America 24/7: 24 Hours. 7 Days. Extraordinary Images of One American Week’

created by Rick Smolan and David Elliot Cohen

Before the invention of Facebook, during one week in 2003, thousands of amateur and professional photographers used their digital cameras to show everyday experiences in the United States. The pictures cover stages of life, from births to weddings to a funeral; different locations from Calais, Vermont to Honolulu, Hawaii; and subjects from cows to commuters.

The Rutland Free Library has the books above and many more filled with illustrations to brighten the dark winter days.

Janet Clapp

Janet Clapp is an adult services librarian at Rutland Free Library.

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