The home stretch

Photos and text by Carolyn Dean

Judit Schneider decided to open a yoga studio in Brandon when she and her husband acquired the space in the fall of last year.

The farmhouse at 1340 Grove St., originally built in 1880, needed renovations before it could become a modern yoga studio. Schneider embarked on the four-month journey of renovating the space, and hired Roaring Brook Constructors of Killington.

“I love practicing yoga and we saw the need,” she said. “People are tired of having to travel far for yoga classes.”

Brandon Yoga Center opened its doors April 6, and offers yoga classes ranging from Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, Basic Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Chair Yoga.

Asked about her favorite type of yoga, Schneider said it’s not an easy choice. “Bikram is my favorite, but I enjoy all types; they all have a different effect on the mind and body.”

She added, “I wanted to go deeper into the philosophy of yoga, and I believe offering different classes focuses on different parts of your body and gives you a chance to go inside of yourself.”

Schneider is excited about attendance in the first few weeks. So far, the largest turnout was the evening Bikram Yoga class with 19 people.

With warmer weather approaching, she expects attendance to change, but is hoping to keep the positive momentum of the studio going while offering a different schedule of classes through the summer months.

In the accompanying photos, Schneider (leggings) demonstrates yoga moves with instructor Danielle Saborio of Norway and student Alex Daniel.

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