Q&A By Mike Sabataso: January 28, 2016

Anthony Edwards / Staff Photo Michael SabatasoDo you prefer to workout inside all year round, or just during the winter time?

0128-rhv-sabataso-henryheck.jpgHenry Heck

“I used to workout all year round, but lately I have not been as proactive in the gym. I tend to do more outside stuff year-round.”


Steve Wolf

“For me, it goes through phases. I workout a bit more during the winter months than the summer months because I like to exercise on the golf course. But, I workout year-round in the fitness center.”


Lisa Leonard

“All year round, six days a week. Sometimes seven. I am a fitness trainer. That’s what I do!”


Bill Zilski

“I prefer to exercise outside. I ride my bike in the summer, and hike and snowshoe in the winter.”