Q&A by Mike Sabataso: February 4, 2016

Anthony Edwards / Staff Photo Michael SabatasoAre you watching the Super Bowl this year, and if so do you think the Panthers or the Broncos will win?

0204-rhv-sabataso-sarahlade.jpgSarah Laderoute

“I would like the Denver Broncos to win, because I would like Peyton Manning to come out on top.”


Virginia Carroccia

“Yes I’m going to watch the Super Bowl and I’m going to root for the Denver Broncos. I want Peyton Manning to walk away with a Super Bowl.”


Lionel Allen

“I plan on watching this year and I plan on rooting for the Panthers, I don’t like the Broncos, but I’m glad they beat New England because I despise them.”


Joe Karas

“I’m going to be watching the Super Bowl. I’m disappointed that the Patriots are not [playing] but I think the Panthers will win.”