Over the Next 100 Days, Rutlanders Will Walk 100 Miles

Jaya Davis

You may remember the 100 miles in 100 days challenge from past years. It has been a great program for Rutland County residents to get moving, keep moving, and bring people together in our community. Kimberly Griffin ran the program the last several years, but has taken a new job. We are sad she will not be a part of the 100 miles, 100 days challenge this year, but glad she is still working in our community.

My name is Jaya Davis, and I am excited to be a part of another rendition of the 100 miles in 100 days challenge with you! I am here to motivate you to be active this summer and fall, and one way to do this is to sign up for this year’s 100 miles challenge by Friday, June 16. You can find registration forms at local libraries across Rutland County. You can also register online at www.comealiveoutside.com/100miles. Please sign up soon, so we can all start the 100 days walking challenge together.

How it works:

Register online or at your local library. If you register at the library, don’t forget to pick up a mileage log booklet. If you register online I can email or mail a booklet to you. These booklets are a great way to log your miles throughout the 100 days. Once you register, you will receive a welcome email and details on upcoming events. Plan to attend the kick-off event on Friday, June 16.

Get prepared:

To get ready for your walking challenge, plan ahead and choose a good time of day when you will walk one mile (or maybe more). It is always good to set a time of day and stick with your plan. Think about where you will walk, who you might want to invite to walk with you, and how you will stick with your goal for 100 days (or maybe longer).

Walking events coming soon:

You are invited to the kick-off event for our challenge on Friday, June 16. Come and walk your first mile with other program participants! It will be at 5 p.m. at the Rutland Regional Medical Center’s (RRMC) Walking Loop (160 Allen Street, Rutland). You will get a free pedometer and can enter a raffle drawing for a free pair of shoes!

Another event to look for this summer is the Rutland Green Street Challenge on Friday, July 21. The first 10 participants who come to this event with their mileage log booklet complete will win an insulated, metal water bottle.

The final event of our 100 days will be on September 23 in downtown Rutland. Watch for more details on this event and others throughout the summer and fall!

Throughout the 100 days you will receive newsletters from me via email/mail giving you tips on staying active, being healthy, and motivating you to keep walking. Watch for details on group walks in your community, or start a walking group in your town. You can do this 100 days challenge on your own, or find friends or family to walk with you. Think of where you plan to walk — the possibilities are endless. Find a nice sidewalk in your neighborhood, check out the RRMC hospital walking loop if you live in Rutland, or explore a new trail or park in your community. Whatever you choose, choose to be active this summer by walking 100 miles in 100 days!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via email at jaya@comealiveoutside.com or call 802-779-1037.