An evening with the Hill Climbers

Photos by Rober Layman

More than 50 young mountain bikers amassed at the trailhead for Pine Hill Park in Rutland on Monday night. Divvying up into small skill-based groups, they left with tour guides and had different ambitions in mind. This week’s People & Places follows the Hill Climbers group, led by Climb Master Bettina Davis and a few volunteers. The group rode the 2.3-mile trail in to Rocky Pond, where they caught the last of Monday’s sun and a gummy bear.

As a treat Bettina Davis, Climb Master, left, awards the children with one gummy bear. (Robert Layman / Staff Photo)

Wren Williamson, 8, smiles as she decends a hill. (Robert Layman / Staff Photo)

Wilder DiDomenico, 4, focuses hard down a burm. (Robert Layman / Staff Photo)

The young Hill Climbers make their way to Rocky Pond. (Robert Layman / Staff Photo)