7 ducklings rescued in city

Photos by Deanna Wetherby

Staff Report

A week after city workers rescued 14 ducklings from a storm drain on Kendall Avenue, seven more ducklings got stuck in a drain on Stratton Road last week.

Deanna Wetherby said her husband Steve saw the mother duck cross the road and her babies fall in the drain on June 25. The Wetherbys called for help, but managed to fish out all but one duckling that kept moving between drain grates.

City police and fire departments arrived and flushed the drain to catch the wayward duckling.

As for the six ducklings already rescued: “We went on a scavenger hunt to collect them all because they were running all around my yard,” Wetherby said.

The ducklings proved adept at hiding, so the fire department used an infrared device to help find them in the brush.

“We were able to then transfer them to another neighbor’s yard, where the mother was, and release them,” Wetherby said.