Open door to the arts at Open Studio Weekend:

COVER STORY | By EMILY CUTTS Studios and workshops will be open Saturday and Sunday as part of the “statewide celebration of the visual arts and the creative process in…


+FIVE: October 1-7, 2015

Camera Lighting Workshop October 1 6 – 7:30 p.m. PEGTV Studio 1 Scale Avenue Rutland PEGTV offers a free Camera Lighting Workshop, featuring guest speaker Scott Switzer of Video Unlimited,…


Of Time and Art: For painter Heather Shay, retirement means finally having time for creativity

EMMA SERIES By Janelle Faignant | Correspondent. In between raising four kids and working full-time, there was never really any time for art, but it was always an interest Heather Shay…

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Beauty in simplicity: The photos of Lowell Snowden Klock

EMMA SERIES  By Janelle Faignant | Correspondent. There’s a fresh fish market near a courthouse in town, with a parking lot in back that sits next to an old abandoned house….


Freedom to read: Banned books

BOOKS CHECKED OUT | By Janet Clapp The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian This novel about a teenage boy begins with Junior’s dog being shot because his family…

Dr. Anna Dunton-Gallagher / Photo

Nip/ Tick: How to Bite Back Against Fall Tick Predators

                                    OFF THE LEASH | Dr. Anna Dunton-Gallagher Ticks are very active in…


Two Years and tons to do: Activities and excitement in Rutland and around

CIRCLES OF COMMUNITY | By Joanna Tebbs Young In the August 29, 2013 issue of the Herald Steve Costello asked a question: “Think there’s nothing to do?” He responded with…

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More than mushy peas: Contrary to popular belief, there’s good food to be found in England

RUTLAND BITES  |  By Steve Peters On one hand, the belief that you can’t eat well in England is a purely outdated notion. The quality and diversity of food there…


Mary Crowley: Following her bliss

COVER STORY  |  By Janelle Faignant Mary Crowley has written and illustrated two books, and is at work on a third. She was part creator of the heARTs project that…


+FIVE: September 24-30, 2015

PEDALING FOR PRODUCE? 8th Annual Tour de Farms September 26 8:30-10:30 a.m. Addison County The 2015 Tour runs through Bristol, New Haven, Monkton, Hinesburg and Starksboro and will showcase the…